Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let It Snow, Friends We Know, Gotta Go

It snowed Saturday afternoon before we went to visit Santa - the perfect setting for such an occasion. It also inspired us to spend some time in the warm and cozy house, just hanging out and watching Alex make more of his silly faces.

Although just watching Alex is entertaining enough, Grammy and Papa also enjoyed playing with him. He loved on Grammy a bit and showed her how he could drink water from his sippy cup, then he laughed with (at) Papa and tried to grab Cinder's beard.

He also showed Grammy how he can stand up and his new rolling technique.

It was so great that they were able (willing) to come up and watch A so Tim and I could act like adults for a couple evenings. We put A to bed Friday night and got to go see a movie, which we haven't done in...well, at least five months. Sunday evening we went to our CG party, prepared to stay out all night and wreak some havoc before coming home and having to be responsible parents again.

The party was so much fun and it was definitely nice (for all attendees) to have a night of kid-free entertainment. However, most of the party-goers bailed early, mumbling something about having to relieve babysitters and get up early for work the next day or some such nonsense. Darn those responsible friends of ours. We overstayed our welcome with Bryan and Robin for a little while, reveling in rare adult conversation that didn't include any "ba-ba-ba's" or "da-da'da's". Ironically, the topic of said conversation was our children. It's funny how you spend all week as a s.a.h.m. wishing you could have just a moment of relief from your motherly duties, then the minute your child is not within sight, you miss him and want to hug him around the neck. That said, we were ready to get home and peek in on our little guy before heading to bed.

Grammy and Papa went home early Monday morning, which was slightly less depressing than usual considering we will be in Eldo on Thursday. But we shed a metaphorical tear to see them go, nonetheless.

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Grandpa in Peoria said...

Grampa B was rubbin' my nose in the fact a new blog came out that he had already read so I knocked him out of the chair to get a little look-see of my own. Just so ya know, even now, us old folks go out for a much needed evening together and...yep, talk about you kids!!! Then we say-NO! Let's talk about all the things we REALLY need to catch up on -but ya know, It always ends up coming back to you guys! We are missing ya sooooo much! You tell that cutie pie Alex to stop that growing up right now, until we get to see him after Christmas! Shoot-he'll have all the worlds problems solved and be onto Rocket Science before we hit town at this rate!
Kiss noise,
Granny B