Saturday, December 1, 2007

For Your Convenience

With Christmas right around the corner, many recent conversations have begun with the question, "So what does Alex want for Christmas?" And as much as Alex loves to rattle off (no pun intended) each and every item on his list, he decided that, as a child of the so-called "internet generation", it would be more fitting for him to post his list on the blog for all of those inquiring folks to see.

Since that time, my regular readers may have noticed a minor change to one of the page elements in the left hand margin of the blog. The heading that once read "Registries" now reads "Christmas Lists", and conveniently listed below it is a link to Alex's wishlist, as well as a link to his updated Toys 'R' Us/Babies 'R' Us registry.

If you haven't noticed this change, or if you noticed and are pretending that you didn't, allow me to point it out now so that you will have no excuse not to spoil Alex rotten this holiday season.

Although Timothy and I would be perfectly content if every cent that would be spent on gifts for us were, instead, spent on our adorable and deserving child, we have also included our own Amazon lists in case you have any money left over and are inclined to spend it on Alex's adorable and deserving parents.

Happy shopping!


leah said...

Wow Tim...your list is so long :) So Im thinking that maybe we could add "Leah's wishlist" over there as well!!

Quinn said...

Where's Murphy's wishlist? Oh, and tell Tim that I was thinking about getting him that Black Titanium Nitride Bullet Space Pen, but after seeing him take apart that pen last night at community group, I'm not spending $38 on a pen for him.

Anyways...It was so good seeing you all last night. I'm glad I finally got to hold that grown child you call your "baby". He is just too cute!