Friday, December 21, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Alex got to visit Mamaw Meador and her posse at the hospital this afternoon. She is a member of this gang called the Pink Ladies - they look innocent but they've got some pretty impressive street cred. Luckily he was wearing neutral colors so they welcomed him with open arms and fussed over him (despite his silly looking ensemble. His overalls tend to bunch up when you hold him, hence the silly looking "short pants"/knee socks combo. It's much cuter in person, I promise). Mamaw was very excited to show him off, the rest of the Ladies were happy to meet the boy that they've heard so much about, and Alex was more than willing to oblige them by being his usual adorable self.

After lunching at the hospital, we made a stop at the court house where Grammy introduced him to all the people she works with, then it was back to the house where he entertained us with his usual shenanigans.


leah said...

I love all these "not so wonderful" angles and shots you have of me on here.....Ive got to pay more attention to that camera!!! :)

leah said...

Alex.....I miss you....come back, come back...(oh and tim and sarah too) :)