Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Play and Nap, Nap and Play

I totally forgot to put this in yesterday's blog, but it is too good to let it go without mention. In the last few days, Alex has literally jumped himself to sleep in his jumperoo. I wish I could've caught it on tape, but Lord knows the second I pulled out my camera he would've been wide-eyed and awake. He would jump and jump and jump, then the jumping would slow down, his eyelids would start drooping, his head would slowly lower...As soon as he realized he was falling asleep, he would yank his head upright, his eyes would pop open, and he would commence to jumping like a madman as if nothing unusual had happened. Ya know, like when you fall asleep in class and your head rolls from side to side as you drift off to sleep, then you suddenly realize what's happening so you shake yourself awake and play it off. Yeah, it was like that. Hilarious.

I guess I should've gotten him a jumperoo much earlier, like at two months, when getting him to sleep was a nightmare. Then maybe he could've jumped himself to sleep instead of relegating me to the top of that stinkin' exercise ball...

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