Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby and Me

Alex had a great night's sleep last night - 7:30 to 2 then 2:30 to 7:15! He woke up, ate, played, slept some more - a typical morning in Alexville. After he got back from the gym at eleven-thirty, Timothy was nice enough to relieve me of my motherly duties for a couple of hours so I could go have lunch with my girlfriends. I enjoyed the "me time" but missed A terribly, so I was excited to get home and see him.

Before I left for lunch, I had a little talk with Alex and asked him to be a good boy for his dad, especially at naptime. I later regretted that conversation, when I found out that he went right down for his nap, without a peep, and slept for an hour. "Sure, buddy, " I said to him. "Now your dad'll wonder what I'm always whining about!"

We played for a while, and I was happy to have Tim home to take some pictures of Alex and I playing together instead me taking pictures of Alex playing by himself.

It was an absolutely perfectly gorgeous day today, so we decided to give the swing a whirl. It felt soooo good to spend a little time in the fresh air. So good, in fact, that Alex fell asleep soon after these pictures were taken. Unfortunately, Tim had gone back inside and we weren't able to capture it on film. Maybe next time!

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