Friday, October 19, 2007

Thank Tha Lawd

After several dreadful nights of getting up at two and five, Alex slept eight hours straight last night! He was asleep by eight and woke up at four. I nursed him and back to sleep he went, not waking again until seven o'clock. Not a bad night overall, I just wish I could leave out that "woke up at four" part. We had spent part of the day on a fun shopping excursion with Auntie Joy and Oliver, so maybe all that shopping wore him out. Hmmmm, I guess that means that I need to take him shopping more often. Hey, it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

We will be heading to Kansas City tomorrow morning to meet my folks who will be en route to Colorado Springs via KC. It's been a while since they've seen Alex, so they might be surprised when he lets himself out of the car and walks up to them to say "hi". We can't wait to see them and to have a mini vay-cay, if just for the weekend...

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leah said...

look at auntie L's little ladies man!! :) have fun this weekend Zander (yeah I'm trying a new nickname--hehe)