Sunday, October 28, 2007

Grammy, Papa, and...More Ice Cream

Alex's Grammy and Papa were touring the mid-south on their Goldwing and decided to take a small detour to Fayetteville. Okay, maybe small's not the word, but Grammy's birthday was today and it was her wish to drive halfway across the state to see her grandson. So they arrived yesterday afternoon and after a few minutes of playtime at home, we went up to Pinnacle Promenade (aka the outdoor mall in Rogers) to have dinner and do some window shopping.

After eating at P.F. Chang's (I do not recommend the wok charred beef. For some reason, when reading the menu, it didn't occur to me that "charred" is just another word for "burnt".) We decided to forgo chinese dessert in favor of - you guessed it - Cold Stone Creamery. How better to chase burnt beef than with ice cream, huh? I stayed in the car with Alex, but that didn't stop me from placing an order for some Chocolate Devotion. Gee, I can't possibly imagine why it's taking so long to lose this baby weight...Uhhh, I digress.

It was seven thirty by the time we headed home, and despite another night off his routine, he slept until eight-thirty this morning. In fact, the rest of the house was already wide awake and waiting with bated breath to hear him squeak so everyone could charge into his room and get him up for the day.

We celebrated Grammy's birthday at the Village Inn, where I attempted to make up for the previous night's ice cream debacle by ordering whole wheat fruit 'n' nut pancakes and sugar free syrup. Much better than burnt beef. When he wasn't eavesdropping on the people sitting around us, Alex let Grammy and Papa take turns playing with him.

Our breakfast had impeded on Alex's morning naptime, so he started his nap in the car on the way home. We figured, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," so we left him there while Grammy and Papa packed up the bike, said quiet goodbyes and headed back to Eldo. We were tempted to let him finish his nap in the car...

But we decided the kitchen counter would be a better place. I sat in the living room - with one eye on a Tivoed episode of What Not to Wear and one on Alex - until he woke up forty-five minutes later.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the house. Alex talked to his own picture on the computer for a bit, he played with Murph for a while, then he and I just lazed around and chatted.

He's definitely one of my favorite people ever. Hopefully he feels the same way about me...


grammy said...

And people said turning 49 meant you are almost 50 and getting old! No way, I had the best birthday ever, thanks to a little someone and feel better than ever!Thanks y'all for a great, great end to a perfect trip. Luv you lots!!!!!!!

leah said...

On I'm sure you're one of his favorite people now, but just wait till he gets older and gets to spend more time with me....because as the saying goes: Aunt = mom----only cooler ;) hehe....its ice cream, coke, and candy for my boy!!

hillarykey said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you and Alex!! That is one you should get framed. Thank goodness we don't have a Cold Stone anywhere close or I would be right there with you!