Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Alex is such a morning boy! I'm normally not real excited about being up at the crack o' dawn, but Alex's enthusiasm is so contagious that I am usually able to fight my fatigue and laugh right along with him.

Our days have been starting at 5am at the latest. He usually wakes sometime during the four o'clock hour, which is just not reasonable by my standards. I usually nurse him and put him back in bed, although he rarely sleeps past five if he actually falls asleep at all. Once he's up, we head downstairs and I sit him in the chair, where he patiently waits for his bottle (and grabs his crotch) like a big boy.

He often giggles and coos while he's waiting, which just melts my heart and makes me a little less irritated that the sun has yet to rise.

Once he's eaten, he'll play for a bit before he is ready for his first nap. And I do mean "a bit". Up at five, down at six. The morning nap is still the easiest - he usually doesn't fuss much, if at all, and will typically sleep until eight or later. I generally take advantage of that time by scrubbing the floors, cleaning the toilets, folding the laundry...Psssshhhhhhhhttttt, dream on. You better believe my butt is headed right back to bed as soon as I leave his room.

After that, the rest of the day is basically a continuous (did I say monotonous? I meant continuous) cycle of feeding him, playing with him, and putting him down for a nap.

I jest, but as most s.a.h. moms will agree, it gets really hard to be at home all day everyday with an infant. As fun as he is to talk to, I find that our conversations often lack depth and that they can be rather one-sided. I often find myself conversing with him in a pitch that is easily three octaves above my natural speaking voice, and I tend to repeat myself over and over as if, on the hundredth time of asking him the same question (in my munchkin voice, of course), he'll suddenly understand what I'm saying and answer my question in plain English. And we really don't have all that much in common yet. I mean, I enjoy shopping and a good meal at a nice restaurant. His favorite pastimes are staring at ceiling fans and blowing spit bubbles. Let's be real, it's not exactly a match made in heaven.

Besides the torture of having to listen to myself baby talk all day, it's just a constant struggle to get some "me time". 'Cuz really, to be fair, any "me time" I do get is really just "him time" that he's let me borrow a little bit of. But hey, that willingness to sacrifice is what makes moms so awesome, no? And he is totally worth it. He is such a pleasure and he gets more fun everyday. And somehow I think I love him more everyday, if that is possible...


Oliver said...

What GREAT pictures! I especially love the one of him smiling super big on his play gym mat. So cute.

Love, Joy

leah said...

For anyone who couldnt understand what he was saying in that video, it went something like this:
"Auntie L I miss you so much. Please hurry up and come see me!!!!! My parents are driving me crazy and I need you to spoil me a little bit. I looooove you Auntie L"