Friday, October 26, 2007

Love You Guys!!

Alex, Oliver, and Hudson decided they wanted to have a boys' night out and reluctantly invited us parents along, mostly because they needed us to do things like drive them and feed them. They begged us to take them to Dixon Street so they could hit the clubs and try out their fake ID's. "Come on guys", we said, "You might pass for twenty-one months, but twenty-one years is really pushing it." After much negotiation (that Hudson really knows how to argue his case), we finally settled on Baker Brothers Deli.

It's been pretty cold here lately, so Alex picked out an outfit he'd be warm in, including his sweet new boots from our friend Molly T. In this picture, we thought he kind of looked like he could actually pass for twenty-one years.

We packed A in his carseat for the ride up to Rogers. Note: The addition of the camo hat was daddy's doing, as it breaks mommy's "no camo-on-camo" rule. But it was cute enough to make an exception for, plus it was cold out and a hat was probably a good idea.

We met up with the crew, had a delicious dinner, and lots of fun thanks to the little guys.

Despite the fifty degree temperature, we couldn't resist stopping next door at the Cold Stone Creamery for a little dessert...again. At this rate, Alex is going to start confusing that place with home. But we weren't the only crazy ones eating ice cream on a cold fall night - that joint was jumpin'.

We ate as much as we could before our stomachs and our kids had had enough of Cold Stone Creamery, and we all headed home to put our little ones to bed.

Alex was wiped out by the time we got home, but Timothy snapped a few pictures before he went to bed. Another fun night out with the crew.

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leah said...

All those boys!! There are some lucky girls out there somewhere
:) Love the boots!! And looks like Joy and I have switched hair....her's is so long!!