Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mama's Boy

As you can see, Alex has been getting a little possessive lately. Apparently he thinks someone is gonna try to steal his mama.

I don't know what he's worried about because I usually let him come with me when I go somewhere. (Unless he's crabby. Then I leave him at home and ask Murphy to keep an eye on him.) In fact, he has been quite the busy boy this week because I've finally worked up the courage to take him out and about on my own. We've been to Old Navy, the dry cleaner's, Sonic, and even Walmart this week. Despite a couple of close calls (i.e. a couple instances of his scrunched-up bright red "I'm fixin' to squeal" face), he didn't fuss at all. We even checked out the new Sam's Club in Fayetteville since Bill was nice enough to add me to his account, although I enlisted Timothy's help for that one in case I needed help lifting giant drums of olive oil or something. I mean, Alex is no help at all in those situations.

Other than that, we have been hanging at the hizzy and trying to expand Alex's rolling repertoire. He has come so close to accomplishing the back-to-belly roll, but he can't quite make the side-to-belly move without Mommy's help. Ultimately, we would like to choreograph a synchronized rolling routine starring Alex and Murphy, but Alex's rolling isn't quite up to par yet. With a little more practice and some pointers from Murph Pup, he should be ready to roll in no time...

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Oliver said...

What a cute, cute boy. And girl, I know you di-ent just say "fixin'" :)